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We are a group of professionals with a passion to link professional work to larger issues in society. We know each other as consultants, coaches, teachers, trainers, and leaders. But more important: we are citizens of a society in evolution. Under the umbrella of Deep Evolvement we like to inspire others to align life and work to larger issues. We do this not only theoretically and philosophically, but also very practical. In this, we elaborate on the seminal work of the pioneer Rudy Vandamme. On this website, you find all elements connected to the Deep Evolvement framework, theory, methods, and information about practical applications.

How it started

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Too close a view may interfere with one's grasp of an overall problem
- Stafford Beer

Deep Evolvement

In the Deep Evolvement Institute, our ambition is to study, develop and disseminate the Deep Evolvement framework. In all applications and research projects, the layered nature of personal, organizational, and societal development is at the center of awareness. With our models and methods (provided by tools, trainings, books and online learning), we help professionals to adopt a layered wordview and put it into practice.

The Deep Evolvement Institute focuses on five spheres of activity:
1. Participatory projects with specific domains to put the Deep Evolvement idea into practice.
2. Coach and train professionals to become Deep Evolvement Professionals.
3. Creating awareness and broadcasting the idea of Deep Evolvement and the societal role of professionals.
4. Collaborative partnership with higher education (social work, Human Resources Management, teacher education, …) and training centres (coaching, consulting, counselling).
5. Knowledge building: models and methods to make it


The Deep Evolvement Community connects Deep Evolvement Professionals. The community is important because it is the place where the movement finds its meaning. In their field of practice each member of the community exercise the mindset and use the methodology.

Members of the community are regularly involved in meetings. All meeting use the Deep Development methodology to create results. All meetings are a walk the talk of the inspiration.


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The founder

Rudy Vandamme (1958) developed the Deep Evolvement Theory during his 30 years career of psychological practice. His home basis is Belgium, Europe. Rudy Vandamme is Ph.D. in social psychology and also master in philosophy, and master in Anthropology. In addition to his academic interests, he obtained an international master trainer certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Moreover, the combination of Buddhist psychology and integral theory inspired him to develop a unique approach which bears now the name Deep Evolvement. He is writer of 17 books, mostly handbooks for professionals, in the domain of emotional intelligence, personal development, coaching, training, and leadership.

Contact Vandamme directly: rudyvandamme@deepevolvement.com