Whether you like it or not, your life and work are part of a more significant societal and historical movement. Your personal and professional life runs parallel with the development of the larger wholes to which you belong. Reality is layered, and so is development. Deep Evolvement is the idea that you are part of a continuous unfolding of humanity and its civilization. Influence is reciprocal. With your choices you re-enact society and at the same time you cocreate a future society.

The good news is that due to this layeredness, your personal and professional development is enriched and deepened with more profound meaning. Moreover, you can have an impact and create a meaningful life for yourself and others. The challenge is to integrate personal development in building organizations and societies in which all people can flourish.

The alignement of your theory in use with your mindset, methodology and approach determines the level of impact you have.
- Rudy Vandamme

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Human civilization enters a new era, characterized by a new evolutionary talent. This talent we call Deep Evolvement. It is still in an early phase of unfolding and will take more decades, even centuries to be part of all earthlings. Although it is urgently needed to tackle all kinds of complex challenges, there is still a lot of work to be done, to bring its importance into awareness. Our time invites all of us to leap forward in how we use this most recent evolutionary talent.

Deep Evolvement is the calling to make your personal and professional development part of a greater story.

The Deep Evolvement Professional

Putting Deep Evolvement at the core of their practice, professionals are taking the lead in organizational and societal change. Together they are able to reach a huge number of people and initiate them into wholeness awareness. A Deep Evolvement Professional is any kind of professional that puts a layered worldview at the center of his higher purpose. His expertise or specialist perspective is embedded in the larger frame of Deep Evolvement. He sees his client, patient, student or employee as part of an intertwined development of personal and contextual tracks of progression.

By doing so the Deep Evolvement professionals are the core group in organizations and society that is able to create a horizontal and vertical ripple effect. Horizontal indicates the breadth of people they can reach. The vertical is bringing people in contact with all layers of their existence, be it their inner self or the outer larger world.

The main questions for a Deep Evolvement professional is: How can I, as a professional, contribute with my practice to a better world? Which role do I have in societal change? What kind of humanity and society do I hope for and how does my work contribute to this?

Deep Evolvement is the commitment of professionals to be part of a greater story.

Deep Evolvement Theory

Deep Evolvement Theory consists of theory, method, and practices of the layered nature of development. It is a coherent discipline. The basic premise is the intertwined nature of the personal, organizational, and societal development. Deep Evolvement Theory studies this interconnection and puts it into developmental practice. It offers an inspiring kind of philosophy that generates a broader, more profound, and effective approach to change. It builds an ethical compass for all human activity to be engaged and take responsibility for the well-being of the wholes to which we belong.

The higher purpose

The why of Deep Evolvement is to create a movement among professionals, so they take a leading role in society to make it more sustainable, ethical, and beautiful. Professionals can play a pivotal role in the transition of organisations and societies. Each one of them has in their practice the possibility to work in direct contact with all kinds of citizens. They can create leverage by inspiring their clients to be a constructive part of the endeavour to create a better world.

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The power of the Deep Evolvement Framework is to translate a holarchic worldview into handy methods. With structuring methods you, as professional, can integrate wholeness awareness into your practice with clients. Methods are designed for a number of professional communities, like teachers, leaders, coaches, consultants, health care professionals, social workers, etc.
  • Deep Evolvement Wicked Skills.
  • Deep Evolvement pattern language
  • Deep Evolvement Fork model
  • Deep Evolvement formula
  • Deep Evolvement dialogue
  • Deep Evolvement collaborative circle work
  • Deep Evolvement Transition Canvas
  • Deep Evolvement education
  • Deep Evolvement leadership
  • Deep Evolvement research methodology
  • Deep Evolvement supervision