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Something is calling you to awaken to what is trying to be born through you.
- Tom Atlee

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The next level of humanity is its awareness of his relationship with layered larger wholes in which he is embedded. Not in an animistic way, but from individual consciousness.

Deep Evolvement is your awareness that your life and work is interwoven with the historical and societal development of larger wholes.

Deep Evolvement is a mindset: you are deeply engaged to connect your personal and professional development with creating a better world. Your life choices are driven by the needs of the world.

In this evolutionary leap towards higher conscious connection with the world, professionals like teachers, health care professionals, leaders, social workers, consultants etc, take a pivotal role.

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Wicked Skills

Wicked Skills for the professional of the 21st century.

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Wicked Skills

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Corporate Activist

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Deep Evolvement methodology is meant to help professionals connect their practices with higher goals.


FIT is a method to create in a group a collaborative space of mutual feedback and learning.

Earthwise Education

Connecting your development as human being with that of nature.

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